Feb 22nd – slum blog part 2

24 Feb

The afternoon we visited Arjun Nagar, again on the outskirts of Bhopal, a ‘post intervention’ slum with a population of 2000 (400 houses). Another warm welcome with children singing for us. To date 3 no. standpipes have been provided and ALL households provided with a latrine block. These were government funded with a small houshold contribution and /or labour. A visit to a family house revealed life before and after the sanitantion improvement work with evidence of better heath, environment, dignity and female security. WaterAid partners in conjunction with the ‘corporator’ (community representative) have arranged gargabe collections and the colony (as it now prefers to be called – rather than a slum) have aspirations of improving their homes / a water storage tower (for a contuous secure supply) and a community hall. This is an empowered community who have organised themselves (with a strong steer from WaterAid) and have reaped the benefits of the amazing work that WaterAid India and associated partners are carrying out in Madhya Pradesh.


Our evening was spent reflecting on a thought provoking, emotional rollercoaster of a week in central India. Will update my blog and summarise my thoughts tomorrow.


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