Feb 21st sanitation day !

21 Feb

Visit to Amrod. I introduced our group at the reception. Village has achieved over 80% sanitation in last 10 months by community involvement and some inspirational villagers. Inspirational 5 year plan for water security, secondary schooling and road improvements.unique opportunity to help a family build their own latrine from digging to bricklaying. Got my hands dirty at last and another incredible experience. Another sanitation project pm in Padli. Awareness;stench;purdah;dignity;issues. Now 98% sanitary coverage buit in last 3 months. Community contribition of 3% project cost of latrines, water scheme being planned. Children and youth groups actively involved- children have changed the mindset in this community.


Photo Govt Reception Bhopal

20 Feb

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Feb 20th -Government Reception

20 Feb

Another travel day, boarded the Shatabi Express Gwailor to Bhopal.Despite the rumours the journey was comfortable. I guess I will have to try the train roof sat on rucksack experience some other time. Onboard toilets soon brought me back to earth ! Evening reception with stakeholders. Presentations from WA country rep along with Govt officials and WA partners. Very informative with political and cultural insight into the relationship between WA and various Govt incentives.

19th Feb – Inspirational Day

19 Feb

Another amazing day today in a similar pattern to yesterday. We had over 6 hours off-roading in a mini-bus! In the morning we visited Jonhar in Datia district which is a pre-intervention farming community. People were more assured; explained their needs and had a clear understanding of the link between poor water & sanitation and ill health. We had group photos and took photos with the children bonding with the community. In the afternoon we visited a post-intervention project Kamhar. The project was complete in 2010. It was a very organised and empowered village. There were individual household latrines, garbage collection, a well protection scheme, water sample testing, rainwater collection dam, rainwater collection from roofs and community health awareness. A remarkable achievement.

Image 19 Feb


Photo of me in India

19 Feb

First photo of India

18th Feb- Pre and Post Intervention rural villages

18 Feb

Today we visited two rural villages. Firstly, a pre-intervention visit to a small and very remote community of Nayagaon. We had a formal welcome which was extraordinary and very emotional. We were decorated with red paint, petals and garlands of flowers. We were then split into small groups and joined host families. Ours was a family of 10 who lived in a 2 room hut, lived without any sanitation and collected water from a polluted source 2km away. We discovered the harsh lives this family lead and their hope for water and sanitation.

Our second visit today was a post intervention visit at a village called Mahadev Pura. Again a fantastic welcome and presentations were followed by a village tour, being proudly shown handpumps, latrines and wash kitchen facilities. Villagers were inspirational, women empowered and health dramatically improved. If anyone needs a clear example of WaterAid in action- this is it!